Friday, February 10, 2012

The apple falls...

Early last summer we went to a local orchard to inspect it as a possible wedding venue. They had just remodeled the inside of this huge barn and it was honestly gorgeous - totally the sort of place I would want to have our wedding.

But then we met the wedding planner. 

The event organizer, the wedding representative, the person with the keys to the rooms you want to get in. Whatever the title, this person is the gatekeeper for your wedding venue, and they can make or break your experience. 

We were there a few minutes early, and she was busy with another couple - which is entirely understandable. It's a Saturday in the summer, of course you're busy. So, at her instruction, we had a look around. We looked, and looked. And 15 minutes later, when our appointment time had come and gone, we had a seat and just waited for her to finish. (And honestly, it's a barn. There's not too much to look at. Oh my, look at that wooden wall - simply stunning.)

When she finally finished with the other couple, she came over and greeted my fiancée with a warm hug, "Oh GOODNESS! Congratulations! Thanks so much for coming!" and then turned to me with a sour smile and muttered "Hi." in the manner you would greet someone who used to give you wedgies when you were in elementary school together, but it's years later and you can't be bothered to confront them about it, and you don't want to be impolite.

But, if my memory serves me, I had never given her a wedgie previously. BUT I SURE AS HELL WANTED TO NOW! She continued to gush at my fiancée and ignore me, to the point where my fiancée became uncomfortable and was shooting me nervous glances and trying to deflect questions to me, to show that she wanted me involved in the conversation. 

We left shortly after, and the wedding planner went to crawl back under her bridge. To this day, I don't know why some wedding vendors treat grooms as if they're puppy-kickers. If you're not willing to be polite to someone who wants to give you money, then perhaps you should rethink your choice of career in customer service.

And really, I love puppies.

We just made the last payment for our wedding venue. It's way better than this place was, an order of magnitude cheaper, and the wedding coordinators are at least unoffensive. Keep looking. You'll find the place that fits you.

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