Thursday, January 26, 2012


The very first time I tried to do any wedding planning, beyond idle thoughts, I stopped in a bakery and asked to look at the books they had clearly laid out with photographs of cakes. I was alone, as it was Saturday morning, and my fiancee doesn't like to get out of bed until million o'clock (a designation of time that we actually use around the house for this very purpose) and so I was denied my request.

The baker asked when our wedding was (a few years away, at this time), what our colors were (pink and orange in the winter?!), and a few other things that danced around the issue - but in the end, she told me she would rather I come back with The Bride.

I just wanted to look at the photo books. She didn't even need to stick around.

This was my first occurrence of groom prejudice. I was cock-blocked. By my own cock.

The entire wedding world today is a bride-centric marketing tool that leaves the other half of the wedding party out in the cold. But I feel that modern grooms need to take back the wedding. This is your first and best chance at collaborating on something huge with your partner. If you can't agree on something as trivial as table linens, how are you going to live together for the rest of your lives? Is one person going to always be in charge of certain things and the other  will always go along? I'm sure that works for some people, but wouldn't you rather find something you both like? Wouldn't you rather have a wedding that you both enjoy?

Well, maybe you wouldn't - but I do.

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